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Your brand is more than generic ad videos and flashy images. You have a story, a product and a vision worth sharing. And social media is the place for authentic engagement with your audience. SO/SO focuses on branded storytelling, creating documentary films about brands, products - problems they are solving or care about.

What is a branded doumentary?

A branded documentary is a film that tells a compelling story related to a brand. It is not a direct advertisement for the brand’s products or services. Rather, it focuses on narratives that reflect the brand's values, mission, history, or causes it supports. By providing audiences with insightful, high-quality content, branded documentaries offer a unique way for companies to build a deeper connection with their audiences.

Why branded documentary?

Because authentic stories are worth sharing. In this competative market documentaries help achieve two key marketing goals - trust and loyalty.

Branded documentaries provide an opportunity for brands to tell their stories in a genuine, unfiltered way. They can give audiences a behind-the-scenes look at a company, showcasing its values, mission, and people. This authenticity can foster trust and make audiences feel closer to the brand. Rather than focusing on commercial video production or promotional video services, a brand documentary zeroes in on narratives that align with the brand's mission, values, or the causes it champions. Ultimately, a branded documentary can significantly elevate brand perception and foster a robust, meaningful relationship between the brand and its audience, setting it apart from the more common corporate video production or product video production strategies.


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